Investor Meeting Planner

Planning your shareholder meeting, including all the tasks required by corporate law and security regulation, is a complex process.  The CST meeting planner identifies all the information we require to perform our responsibilities in mailing materials, tabulating results and scrutineering your meeting for both registered and non-registered shareholders.

The planner has been updated to incorporate requirements of the revised National Instrument 54-101 (Communication with Beneficial Owners of Securities of a Reporting Issuer), including Notice-and-Access,   It features both online help and convenient calendaring functions.

In addition to communicating with your registered investors, under NI 54-101 you may either request CST to mail to your Non Objecting Beneficial Owner (NOBOs) and tabulate their voting instructions, or have financial intermediaries perform this function.

To take advantage of all the features on this planner, you must have Microsoft Word 2007 or a subsequent version.   

To complete the meeting planner electronically, please follow these instructions 

      1.Click this link to download the meeting planner form (Microsoft Word format).

      2. Click "Save" in the File Download dialogue box then save the document to a folder on your hard drive.

      3. Go to the document on your hard drive and open.

      4. If you see a security warning bar, click on the ‘Options..’ button and then select ‘Enable this content

      5. Enter details about your meeting.

      6. Save the completed form.

      7. E-mail the completed form to your CST relationship manager.

We ask that you forward the completed form to us at least 30 days prior to your scheduled record date.

If you require any assistance in completing this form, or have any questions, please contact your client service manager.

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