Equity Plan Solutions

Few benefits are as effective or as popular as employee share plans in giving employees a personal stake in the success of their company. Plan sponsors can realize an alignment of employee and corporate goals as well as increased employee motivation, productivity and focus.

Participant adoption is typically strong because it offers employee shareholders:

  • Convenient and regular investing through payroll deduction
  • Direct share purchase
  • Employer investment incentives
  • Tax benefits of an RRSP
  • Compounding benefits of automatic dividend reinvestment

 With a full suite of plan sponsor and participant advantages, as well as the capability to administer even the most recently adopted types of equity products, CST represents the best choice for outsourcing your plans. We have made significant investments in our technology to ensure our clients are provided with the most robust solutions - developed from real-life experience to withstand real-life objectives. 

  • Share/Unit Purchase Plans
  • Employee Profit Sharing Plans
  • Long Term Incentive Plans
  • Stock Option Plans
  • Share Unit Plans
  • Registered Plans

 We will work closely with you to define your Plan requirements, manage your record conversion or setup, establish contribution thresholds and customize processing and reporting routines.

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