Corporate Trust Services

At CST Trust Company (CST), we believe successful client relationships begin with an exchange of thoughts, ideas and goals. We take a collaborative approach and provide customized solutions to match our clients' specific needs — along with access to the best systems, services, processes and products available today. Our corporate trust services are built upon a deep practical expertise and a sharp client focus.

Legal and finance specialists are continually introducing new ways to raise financing. At CST, we have the expertise to respond to these developments and the flexibility to adapt our role to meet the needs of specialized transactions.

Our services include:

  • Debt trusteeships
  • Asset-backed securitizations
  • Voting and exchange trusts
  • Collateral agencies
  • Escrow services

Our professional staff is experienced in both the technical and legal aspects of debt and fiduciary transactions. We have established relationships with industry professionals covering all areas of the corporate trust space. We will work with you to alleviate the administrative burdens of your corporate finance and treasury departments by providing you with a broad spectrum of agency services.

Our clients benefit from:

  • industry experts handling the trust and business structure of the financings, investments, funds flow, debt service requirements and compliance.
  • coordinated transactions with relevant parties from the initial documentation to the final maturity of the issue.
  • the oversight of various document covenants.
  • in-house documentation reviews, reducing time and expense.
  • bilingual services and documentation
  • a global alliance of service providers covering a wide spectrum of issuer and investor servicing requirements

To learn more about CST's corporate trust services, please contact your relationship manager or call 1-800-402-1644.

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