Trust Transfers

Generally, securities certificates registered in the name of trustee(s) list the name(s) of the trustee(s) on the certificate(s) as registered holders.

If you cannot find the certificate, please read about replacing lost certificates or contact us.

To transfer these securities, we need a securities transfer form signed by the trustee(s) with a signature guarantee for each signature.

Please review the list below to determine if there are additional requirements, even when you have signatures from all trustees.

If a corporation is a trustee, we require a corporate resolution as described in corporate transfers.

Depending on the type of trustee registration there may be additional requirements to complete the transfer.  If any of the following applies to your situation, please contact us.

  • The securities are held by trustees in Québec or another jurisdiction having similar requirements.
  • The securities transfer form can not be signed by all the trustees.
  • The securities are being transferred by trustee(s) not named on the certificate(s).
  • A trustee named on the certificate is deceased.
  • The certificate is in the name of a trust without naming the trustees.
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