Corporate Transfers

To transfer securities registered in the name of a corporation we need:

  • The security certificate(s) or security ownership statement.
  • A completed securities transfer form signed by the authorized officer(s) of the corporation with the signatures guaranteed. Learn how to prepare a securities transfers form.
  • A certified directors’ resolution of the corporation authorizing named officers of the corporation to transfer the corporation’s securities, unless you are able to obtain a “Signature and authority to sign” guarantee from a major Canadian Schedule I Chartered Bank.

If you cannot find the certificate, please read about replacing lost certificates or contact us.

Some corporations have a standing resolution covering transfers.  Other corporations may need to pass a special resolution.

To the right is a sample resolution in PDF format which you can use as a precedent.  Please note the instructions for completing the form, and in particular the instructions that apply where there is only one corporate officer.  You can either complete the form manually or recreate it on a word processor.

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