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Securities Transfer Form

Please follow the instructions below to create the securities transfer form. You can also download the PDF file on the right and complete the form by hand.

Please note that the frequently asked questions on the right can help you to complete the securities transfer form.

In particular, please follow the instructions with respect to signature guarantees - we cannot complete the transfer without signature guarantees.

Fields marked with an "*" must be completed.

Please enter the name(s) of person(s) to whom the securities are being transferred.
Address for the register
Address continued (if necessary)
Suite #
Province / State*
Postal code/Zip code*
Number of shares or warrants*
Issue description*
(example: common shares warrants etc.)
Registered holder's name*
Please provide name(s) of registered holder(s) as printed on the certificate(s) or share ownership statement(s)
Full name of issuing company*
Enter the name of the issuing company as it appears on the certificate(s) or statement(s).
Certificate or account number(s)*
This number is printed on the face of the certificate or on the share ownership statement. If you have a statement confirming your holding instead of certificates, enter the account number from your statement in the space above
Clicking "Create" will open a new browser window containing your complete form. Review the information and if it's correct, click print button on the form. If there is a problem click the "Close this window" button and return to this page to fix the error.
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