Investor Services

Basic Transfers

To transfer securities from one or more individuals to one or more other individuals or entities, we need:

  • The certificate(s) or security ownership statement for the securities you want to transfer.
  • A completed securities transfer form – sometimes called an "irrevocable power of attorney."

If you cannot find the certificate, please read about replacing lost certificates or contact us.

We recommend you use the securities transfer form which can be created on this website.

Alternatively, many securities certificates have a form on the back or you can use the pdf form on the securities transfer form page on this website.

More complex transfers such as estate transfers require special documents, in addition to a securities transfer form, such as a copy of a will.

If you already have a securities transfer form (e.g. a form on the back of the certificate), you can use the frequently asked questions on the right  of this page to help you complete the form.

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