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If you would like to enrol for the electronic delivery of investor materials for this issuer, please complete and submit the consent form below to process your request. Fields with an " * " are mandatory fields, and therefore must be completed to process your request.  For verification purposes, please ensure you provide either your account number or your mailing address.

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Dear Shareholder:

TransAlta Corporation has a voluntary program for delivery to holders of common shares ("Shareholders") of company documents by electronic means rather than traditional mailing of a paper copy. The program is meant to increase convenience for Shareholders, provide benefits to our environment and reduce costs for the corporation. If you wish to receive documents electronically via the Internet, please confirm your consent below.

For those who have already given their consent, we are presenting you with the opportunity to provide us with your e-mail address, which was not an option last year.

TO: TransAlta Corporation ("TransAlta")

I consent to the electronic delivery of the documents listed below that TransAlta elects to deliver to me electronically, all in accordance with the terms hereof. The consent granted herein will last indefinitely until revoked.

1. The following documents that are filed with securities regulators and mailed to other Shareholders will at the same time be delivered electronically to me (the "Documents"):

a) Annual Reports (on or about March 31 of every year);

b) Interim Reports (on or about May 5, August 5 and November 5 of every year); and

c) Notices of Annual Meetings of Shareholders, Management Information Circulars, and Forms of Proxy (dates may vary).

Note: a paper Form of Proxy will be sent to all registered shareholders coded with a secure control number to enable proxy voting.

2. The Documents will be delivered to me by TransAlta making them available for my viewing, downloading and/or saving on the Internet website www.transalta.com/powering-investors/financial-and-annual-reports (the "Website"). Links to the aforementioned documents will be available on that page. I agree to monitor the Website on a regular basis in order to ensure my timely receipt of Documents and I understand that I will receive no further notice that any Document is posted on the Website for delivery to shareholders.

3. The viewing, downloading and/or saving of a Document requires me to use a computer and operating system capable of running Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 (or higher), access to an Internet service provider, the program Adobe Acrobat Reader 10 (or higher) and one of the following programs:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 8 (or higher), Firefox 24.3 (or higher), Google Chrome 31 (or higher) or Safari 6.1.2 (or higher). For Shareholders without Adobe Acrobat Reader, a link will be provided to allow download of this program. Accordingly, I acknowledge that I understand the above technical requirements and that I possess the technical ability and resources to receive electronic delivery in the manner outlined in this "Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents".

4. I acknowledge that I may receive at no cost a paper copy of any Document to be delivered electronically if TransAlta cannot make electronic delivery available or if I contact TransAlta by telephone, regular mail or electronic mail at TransAlta Corporation, c/o CST Trust Company, via phone at 1-800-387-0825 or (416) 682-3860, via mail at P.O. Box 700, Station B, Montreal, QC, H3B 3K3 or via electronic mail at inquiries@canstockta.com. I further acknowledge that my request of a paper copy of any Document does not constitute revocation of this "Consent to Electronic Delivery of Documents".

5. The Documents will be posted on the Website for delivery for a period of time corresponding to the notice period stipulated under applicable legislation and the Documents will remain posted on the Website thereafter for a period of time which is appropriate and relevant, given the nature of the document.

6. I understand that my consent may be revoked or changed at any time by notifying TransAlta of such revoked or changed consent by telephone, regular mail or electronic mail as specified in paragraph 4 above.

7. I understand that TransAlta maintains in confidence the personal information I provide as a Shareholder and uses it only for the purpose of Shareholder communication.

8. I understand that I am not required to consent to the electronic delivery of Documents.

I have read the above and agree. Please submit my consent form.

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